Alvarez Wax Productions was founded in 1976 by Henry Alvarez. Henry was a world renowned sculptor who mentored under the equally famous, Katherine Stubergh and learned many of her trade secrets. The tradition was passed down to him and though he has sadly passed away, those trade secrets are still part of Alvarez Wax Productions.

We have continued to supply high quality wax models to museums as well as to private collectors throughout the world.

The company has, much in the same manner as the Stuberghs, expanded into other markets, designing and providing sculpture for theme parks, prototypes for the mask industry, special effects for motion pictures and television, licensed figurines as well as larger than life bronze statues.

Alvarez Wax Productions has gained much experience and recognition for our work over the years. We will continue to expand our product lines and produce the high quality art work we have become known for.

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